The Golden Seals (Dave Merritt)

Email from my a buddy of mine from law school (Dave Merritt) about how to get published:

“Getting “published” is well-nigh impossible–most labels or publishing houses have in-house writers that do all of their songwriting for the borderline-talentless clowns who don’t write their own stuff. They don’t solicit songs, so getting your song covered/published/recorded by someone else is almost impossible. Having said that, you could register to become a member of SOCAN (Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers), who will register your works and distribute performance royalties. BUT, it’s a double bind, as in order to become a member, your works need to be performed either in public or on the radio, or appear on a recording. So…screw all that. The important thing is that you love doing it, and that you keep writing and singing. It’s a blast. You could finish a full length, get 100 cds done, and get a website or a myspace site, and then likely get into SOCAN that way.”

Dave’s a great singer/songwriter/musician in the Ottawa area. You can catch his band, The Golden Seals, on the web here and buy his songs at Zunior.

This is going to be a long road…

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