Feist eBay Auction

Well, I lost out on bidding for a chance to have Feist sing one of my songs at her concerts. This was auctioned off on eBay and I went up to $2,267.67 USD. Winning bid was $2,311.67. What kind of loser am I to miss out by $50.00?

My wife said I was just trying to do it (get my songs out there) the easy way. I don’t know what’s so easy about that… but, what the hell, I signed up for a songwriting course through the local school board… don’t know what I’ll learn, but part of the syllabus is the “business” of songs, so maybe I’ll find out something about publishing.

Also, I made plans with my buddy Jeff to start regular jams… I’m looking forward to strumming my guitars and trying to record them. Onward and upward…

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