SAC Regional Songwriters Workgroup

So, I joined SAC yesterday and today was a Regional Songwriters group headed by a local singer/songwriter, Liana Di Marco. I think it’ll be good for me to do some exercises and see the “craft” in my songs. It’s going to be the first Saturday of every month.

There were about eight of us there this week with various backgrounds. We spent the first hour discussing songwriting in general, and the second hour performing our songs (if we wanted). I wasn’t going to do it… but I couldn’t help pick up the Liana’s guitar and sing …Like the Wind. I’m going to record that one soon. But, in one exercise I had written a story about Johnny B. Goode, which has a train image in it, which just reminded me of my song that had a train engine feel to it… people responded well and even said I can sing! I think they’re just being polite.

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