Home Made Hit Show #46

Well, I’m on an internet radio show and that’s very cool (with some nice reviews). You may remember my entry of Lovers’ Limbo in the Muses’ Muse contest that didn’t rank. But you should check out Episode 46 at Home Made Hit Show. Great concept for a podcast, and great songs!

I’ve also gotten some nice feedback from listeners on the show’s forum site. Some of the comments include:

  • I really like the sound of this, especially that acoustic guitar.
  • Good concept for a song. Who doesn’t love a good acoustic ditty involving a
    love triangle? Keep it up fellas!
  • Nice vocal presentation. Well played guitars. Well written lyrics. Nothing
    shallow here. Good song. Well done.
  • I like the conversational style to the lyrics, if that’s the right way to
    describe it. The whole song has a personal feel and I could see it working
    well live. Good work

So that’s a nice way to start the week!

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