Inspirational Stories Lead to Songs

Here’s the story of a man who wrote a song for his son’s school just days before his son was killed in 2003. It lends itself to this universal muse, that we all write based on some need/some inspiration, never knowing where those lyrics & music will lead to… (well, for me, they remain in obscurity…):

Local man hits the right note in national event
Published: 22 August, 2007

A CARRBRIDGE man whose young son who died in a tragic accident has reached the final of a major national songwriting competition.
David Gasking’s song Monkey Business, written for the children of Carrbridge Primary School including his son Jamie, was a finalist in the prestigious UK Songwriting Contest 2007.
Monkey Business was written for the youngsters to sing at their annual School Fun Day on June 7, 2003, with the overall theme of the day being “The Jungle”. Eleven-year-old Jamie died after falling at the Bruar Falls in Perthshire on July 11, 2003.
The song, in samba style, tells the light-hearted story of monkeys who have secrets that they are unwilling to share with the other animals, because it’s monkey business.
Mr Gasking said: “The Fun Day was particularly special because for Jamie and his classmates it was to be their very last Fun Day: after the summer holidays they would be moving up to the Grammar School in Grantown.
“Jamie was to sing again only once more in public after that day – at the school’s Talent Show on 23rd June, when he and his friend Bryce performed their memorable Fast Food Boys routine.”
You can listen to the recorded entry for Monkey Business and read the words on-line by going to 
// and using the search button at the top to locate the song by title. (I’ve done that for you – the song is here.)
This year’s UK Songwriting Contest attracted a total of around 5,000 entries worldwide, spread across 10 categories.
Of these some 200 or so songs are expected to have progressed through preliminary selection and semi-finals to the finalist stage.
Monkey Business was entered in the Miscellaneous category, for children’s, comedy, novelty and such songs.
Monkey Business is the second song written by Mr Gasking to have achieved wider recognition.
In July 2005 the lyrics of the song Hold on to the smiles were chosen amongst the Forward Press Top 100 Poets 2005.
Mr Gasking wrote Hey Mr Big!, a book about Jamie’s life, and he also leads fundraising activities in memory of his son with the proceeds going to local youth projects.

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