Some Songwriting News

Read about George Michael serving his community time by teaching songwriting here.

“The ‘Careless Whisper singer – who was sentenced to 100 hours service in June for being unfit for driving through tiredness and taking prescription drugs – gave residents a masterclass in songwriting during his time at London’s St Mungo’s homeless hostel last Monday.”

And, totally unrelated, when published poet Phoenix Cole was asked what she might do if continuing to write poems doesn’t work out, she said: “I think next I’d like to try songwriting. Songwriting is not that different than writing poetry, and people seem not to be as afraid of songwriting. And there is the music. I’d like to get rid of this monster first, though.”

And, also unrelated, Paul Reisler, a songwriter and workshop teacher, offers this nugget on Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers blog, from this article in Acoustic Guitar magazine:

“In the kind of lives we live, with lots of stuff going on and lots of noise, it’s increasingly difficult to pick out the piccolo from the wind section. What we’re really doing is that kind of selective listening. I always like to say that composing music is merely remembering it before someone else does.”

Let’s see “masterclasses” and “music” and “monsters”… “mmm”…

May the Muse be with you…

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