Digidesign Introduces Transfuser for Pro Tools Users

I’m not a Pro Tools user, but if you are, then this may be of interest to you. Through June 25, Digidesign is offering a free, fully functional preview copy of their latest product, Transfuser. Just what is Transfuser?

Transfuser is a real-time loop machine, phrase sampler, and groove creator, all in one RTAS plug-in product for all flavors of Pro Tools. Transfuser looks to be extremely intuitive; designed primarily for home recording engineers needing powerful sampling and looping from within Pro Tools, Transfuser will undoubtedly become a favorite of pro engineers everywhere.

The time-limited, free version of the software is available now at the Transfuser preview site here. You’ll need a recent version of Pro Tools (LE, HD, or M-Powered), as well.

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