From Songwriter Extraordinaire to Idol Judge – Kara DioGuardi

I’ve written about Kara DioGuardi before (see this post) and her phenomenal success as a professional songwriter and pop tunesmith. She’s done everything the right way – always keeping her own publishing and starting Arthouse Entertainment with her manager and business partner to manage and publish other artists.

Well, now the woman behind the songs will be front and centre on one of America’s most popular “popularity” contests (no, not the 2008 presidential election – sorry Obama and McCain, you will not be publicly judged by this fine lady) – American Idol will be the benefactor of Ms. DioGuardi’s wisdom and hopefully the contestants, being graced with the presence of a true songwriter (no offence Paula) will learn a thing or two about writing and arranging tunes…

May the Muse continue to be with you… you can read the press release about Kara’s inclusion as a judge here… and there’s a video interview here… (though I wasn’t able to watch it…)

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