What It Means To Be Published – Andrea Stolpe

From one Italian-American female songwriter (see today’s other post on Ms. DioGuardi) to another… Andrea Stolpe writes on the topic of Publishing Your Own Songs in a recent post.

Andrea rightly defines “published” as really meaning having our songs recorded by an artist and in the public eye… as she relates: “Being ‘published’ may seem like a goal, but it’s actually just a means to an end.”

And after equating any attention to get our songs public – playing them at any sort of function for others to hear – that’s what we need to do as songwriters to promote ourselves: “The end result is that our songs are out there in the mix, floating upon the ears of those who need the music we create.”

Ms. Stolpe is wise and encouraging and backed by the Muse… as she imparts: “But, it’s also true that with determination and creativity, and a shining personality, you can begin to connect the dots yourself. Don’t let a publishing deal or a label deal hold you back from the true goal – getting your songs to the artists who want to record them and the listeners who want to enjoy them.”

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