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I recently joined this site (click here) for home recording enthusiasts. I will add the site to my sidebar on the blog and hope you get a chance to check it out and get some pro feedback on your home recordings without fear of “backlash” sentiments and pretentious condescensions that come from some other home recording sites…

May the Tech Muse be with you as well as the Song Muse…

$10 Just for being on the Revolution Facebook Group

Here’s a message I received in my Facebook account from Revolution Audio… Join the group!

I wanted to give an incentive to tell your friends about our Revolution Audio facebook group – we are currently at 49 people – when we reach 100 I will give the first 100 members $10 FREE credit for any in-store purchase (classes, gear, cables). When we reach 200 I will give an additional $10 credit (only for the first 200 members). So send this e-mail on to all your recording buddies and musician friends: help them, help yourself and help the revolution!
Join the Revolution Audio Facebook Group here:
Also, we have a great sale on right now on a whole shelf of software and all our demo mics and gear, so come by for a visit.
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Garrison Guitars Goes To Gibson

Not that I could ever afford one of these (and I’m very happy with my collection of Ibanez, Takamine and Fender guitars), but I thought it interesting that the company that makes one of the standards for singer/songwriters – the good old Canadian Garrison acoustic guitar made in Newfoundland – has been sold to Gibson Guitars Corp.

Here’s Gibson’s press release and here’s the article from today’s Globe & Mail, Business Section:

Gibson grooves on Garrison’s guitars
From Thursday’s Globe and Mail
July 5, 2007 at 3:51 AM EDT
Build a better guitar and the music world will beat a path to your door.
St. John’s entrepreneur Chris Griffiths was banking on that logic when he sketched a revolutionary acoustic guitar design on the back of an airline napkin in 1995.
On Tuesday, industry giant Gibson Guitar Corp. of Nashville announced it had acquired Garrison Guitars, the company Mr. Griffiths started when he was 19.
But Mr. Griffiths has no misgivings about a hollowing out of the Canadian hollow-body guitar industry.
“I just don’t see how we could have grown as exponentially as we’re about to grow by just continuing on in our current path,” he said, pointing to Gibson’s plans to increase production fivefold over the next 12 months to about 60 guitars a day.
The current path, however, has already put Garrison guitars on shelves in 35 countries and in the hands of big-ticket bands such as The Tragically Hip, Blue Rodeo and Rush. Garrison recently reported annual sales close to $5-million, but would not comment on its current financial performance or the terms of the Gibson deal.
With the acquisition, Gibson is buying into a unique system that uses injection moulding to build a single-piece guitar frame which is 40 per cent glass. The remainder of the moulding is comprised of what Mr. Griffith’s called his “secret sauce.”
Mr. Griffiths started playing the guitar at age 12, and in his teens started a business repairing and handcrafting the instruments. After touring various guitar makers’ facilities in 1995 to learn about how the instruments were made, on the flight home Mr. Griffiths had an epiphany: “Wouldn’t it be more efficient if we could make all the braces out of one piece?”
And since carving an entire guitar out of a single block of wood would never do, the idea of using synthetic components followed.
“This was the first time anybody had tried to strictly make the bracing system out of man-made material and allow the rest of the product to be made out of wood,” he said.
After securing patents for the design in 2000, Mr. Griffiths raised the $3.5-million needed for a facility in St. John’s, complete with lasers and robotics. With Garrison’s method, it takes all of 45 seconds to complete a guitar frame, as opposed to the two hours required to individually machine and assemble the 30-plus wooden pieces that make a traditional frame.
Gibson will produce its new line of Garrison guitars out of the same plant, and will add 40 workers to the staff of 65, including Mr. Griffiths, who will stay on as general manager.
According to a Gibson release, the acquisition “will further Gibson’s expansion in the acoustic guitar market, offering a new series … aimed at the median price point.”

M-Audio StudioPro 3 Monitors

M-Audio StudioPro 3 Powered Desktop Multimedia Audio MP02-00068

Well, bless my wife, she let me get these monitors that I’ve been wanting to get… a good deal at Revolution Audio… the M-Audio StudioPro3 Monitors. Will at Revolution Audio was helpful as always, though he wouldn’t throw in the ProjectMix control board!

Anyways, a great deal for $87.99 brand new in the box… The MSRP is $150 and these are going for over $100 as starting bid on eBay. I’ve done my homework on my recent purchases (these monitors and my FastTrack Pro) and the deals at Revolution Audio are unbeatable… they are really giving a hand up to the home recording enthusiast…

Revolution Audio Plug

Just a quick plug for a local store that I have under my links section in the right sidebar… Jason & Kate at Revolution Audio are always knowledgeable and helpful and assisted me in upgrading my external USB sound card from the M-Audio MobilePre USB to the M-Audio Fast Track Pro USB. As always, it’s a pleasant experience shopping with Revolution Audio and they treat returning customers in a wonderful manner (i.e. great trade-in values for upgrades).

I did look at NI’s Audio Kontrol 1 (a truly cool interface, though it has just one input) and Roland’s Edirol UA-25 (nicely built, brushed aluminum box), but settled on the “devil I know” aspect of the Fast Track Pro (similar in style and look to my old MobilePre) and it had a simpler looking interface (which matches my level of sophistication with these things).

Kudos to Jason & Kate!

My New Ibanez Guitar

Ibanez AEL 2012E

Well, I purchased a new Acoustic Electric Guitar… for budgetary and “sound” reasons, I settled on the Ibanez AEL 2012E (a 12-string acoustic electric). I also find it visually pleasing.
I purchased the guitar at Metro Sound & Music on Yonge Street after first trekking out to LA Music in Port Credit (but they didn’t have it in stock). Metro beat LA’s price anyway, so that was a bonus for me…
Now, I’ll be recording my songs with this guitar from now on…Wish me luck and ci vedimes…