Feist eBay Auction #4 (email from winning bidder)

Well, robins9944 emailed me back… it was nice to hear from someone enthusiastic about this opportunity:

Thanks for the congratulations. Sorry that by me winning you had to lose. I’m a big Feist fan and it’s been a lifelong dream of mine to sing on a concert stage. I’ve been taking singing lessons for a few years. I’m not sure when the concert will happen,sometime in 2007. I too live in Toronto so I’ll pick one of her Toronto dates when I find out what they are. Thanks for the email and good wishes. Robin

Good Luck to you Robin! I hope to check you out at that concert!

Feist eBay Auction #3 (email to winning bidder)

I’ve emailed the successful bidder (robins9944) through eBay’s messaging system… I hope she responds, and here’s my email:

Hi, I was the unsuccessful bidder on the Feist auction. Congrats, by the way! I had gotten very excited when I received a Second Chance offer, but it was just a phishing scam… so I’m glad that I contacted the vendor who assured me you were following through with the auction.

Anyway, I’m an unpublished songwriter and I’d love to know when the actual dream will take place, if just to participate vicariously by attending the concert and seeing you on stage… If this is an intrusion, I apologize… but if you don’t mind sharing the dream (by that I mean, just attending the concert), please email me back and let me know when the big day will arrive!

Break a leg! (in the show business sense)

Lorenzo (from Toronto)

Feist eBay Auction #2 (Be careful what you wish for)

Well, a word to the wise… be CAREFUL with Second Chance offers on eBay. I missed out on the Feist auction and felt sad about it (my previous post). Then, lo and behold, I received a Second Chance offer 6 days later… but wait, then I received a second Second Chance offer… I sent these off to [email protected] and, yes, as I suspected, they were not authentic… In the meantime, I had also emailed the vendor (Feist’s friend I presume) who advised that the winning bidder was a true bidder: “she honestly really really wanted to win the auction. she has been, apparently, taking singing lessons for years and has always dreamed of singing on stage. i didn’t know her, but i’ve corresponded with her a bit since the auction closed and i can assure you she just wanted to win the damn thing.” Well, good for her! I wish her all the best and I’m sure she’ll do great…

I think I’m going to contact her (the winning bidder) and see if she can keep me up to date on when she’s going to perform… maybe I’ll go and think… ‘ah, there but for the grace of God, go I’…

Feist eBay Auction

Well, I lost out on bidding for a chance to have Feist sing one of my songs at her concerts. This was auctioned off on eBay and I went up to $2,267.67 USD. Winning bid was $2,311.67. What kind of loser am I to miss out by $50.00?

My wife said I was just trying to do it (get my songs out there) the easy way. I don’t know what’s so easy about that… but, what the hell, I signed up for a songwriting course through the local school board… don’t know what I’ll learn, but part of the syllabus is the “business” of songs, so maybe I’ll find out something about publishing.

Also, I made plans with my buddy Jeff to start regular jams… I’m looking forward to strumming my guitars and trying to record them. Onward and upward…