The Golden Seals (Dave Merritt)

Email from my a buddy of mine from law school (Dave Merritt) about how to get published:

“Getting “published” is well-nigh impossible–most labels or publishing houses have in-house writers that do all of their songwriting for the borderline-talentless clowns who don’t write their own stuff. They don’t solicit songs, so getting your song covered/published/recorded by someone else is almost impossible. Having said that, you could register to become a member of SOCAN (Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers), who will register your works and distribute performance royalties. BUT, it’s a double bind, as in order to become a member, your works need to be performed either in public or on the radio, or appear on a recording. So…screw all that. The important thing is that you love doing it, and that you keep writing and singing. It’s a blast. You could finish a full length, get 100 cds done, and get a website or a myspace site, and then likely get into SOCAN that way.”

Dave’s a great singer/songwriter/musician in the Ottawa area. You can catch his band, The Golden Seals, on the web here and buy his songs at Zunior.

This is going to be a long road…

It Begins

Last Thursday, I got together with a friend of mine and started “jamming” for the first time in long time (thanks Jeffie). I’m going to try peddling all my old songs (well, not all of them) to see if I can get any of them published… Wish me luck!